How Do I Scrap A Car For Cash

You don’t scrap a car for cash! It’s a last resort. The best ways to deal with an end of life vehicle are:

To scrap a car for cash now is not permitted. If a car is to be scrapped in the UK a cheque payment must be made – not cash.

We will not scrap a car for cash but we will buy an end of life vehicle to repair or use in a repair.

Scrapping A Car Is Wasteful

The process of scrapping a car uses energy. It produces contaminants that are hazardous to the environment and they must be dealt with in a safe manner. More importantly, when you sell your car for scrap you will typically receive less money. To class a vehicle as scrap it really must have absolutely no further use either as a runner or for spares.

We buy scrap cars for cash to repair or use in a repair and give more than scrap car prices.

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Types of Car We Buy For Cash

Why send two cars to the scrap yard when one can go? We buy cars in almost any condition to use to repair another car or to be repaired.

Recycling a scrap car starts here – with it’s potential to keep another car on the road or be repaired to provide more years of useful service.

The types of cars we buy fall into the following categories:

So if you want to scrap a car for cash and receive a payment that reflects its value if it can be repaired or as a donor vehicle then give us a call on 07860-400-661.

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