MOT Failures Bought in Preston, Blackpool, Lancaster, Southport and Chorley

MOT Failures are rarely a reason for scrapping a car. The main reason is the actual cost of repairing the problems detected when the MOT Tests are completed.

The second reason for scrapping your vehicle is the cost of any other failures – when everything seems to go wrong with your car all at the same time! It just doesn’t feel right or safe when everything starts to fail on your car and what’s more, fixing everything at the same time can be very costly.

When your car reaches the end of it’s productive life with the original parts you have to repair these to keep the car on the road legally.

MOT Failures Bought in Blackpool

MOT Failure Bought in Blackpool

The Real Cost of MOT Failures

It comes as no surprise that most people decide to scrap their car when their car fails an MOT test – due to a number of problems occurring at the same time. However, the cost of the parts is one thing but labour is another.

It is usually the labour cost that is the main part of any repair bill and the deciding factor. So,

  • if you don’t want to scrap your car
  • or you want to recycle it much more effectively
  • and get more money for it when you sell it.

You’re in the right place.

We Pay More For MOT Failures That Can Be Used In A Repair Or Be Repaired.

We Buy MOT Failures

We will:

  • Inspect your vehicle.
  • Make you a cash offer based on its condition and potential.
  • If you accept our offer we will pay you cash.
  • Complete any DVLA documents and help you to make sure that you have done everything right.
  • Load the vehicle on our transporter and remove it.

We are licensed carriers.

Our Promise

If you are in this position then we have the solution. We make a promise. We will pay more than scrap prices for MOT failures that can be used in a repair or that can be repaired viably. Give us a call today on 07860-400-661.