Repairable Cars Bought in Preston, Blackpool, Lancaster, Chorley and Southport.

We buy repairable cars in Preston, Blackpool, Lancaster, Chorley, Leyland and Southport. We also buy cars to aid in the repair of a repairable vehicle as a donor car for parts.  So what sort of cars are we looking for? What exactly is a repairable car?

Repairable Cars Bought - Preston Blackpool Lancaster Chorley Leyland Southport and Kendal

Scrap Cars – Are They Repairable Cars?

Not all broken down cars are scrap and not all repairable vehicles are economically viable to repair!

  • Some repairs are only uneconomical because of the labour costs. That £500 repair bill in reality is a labour cost plus parts.
  • It is usually the labour cost that puts a repairable vehicle into the uneconomical to repair bracket and consigns it to the scrap heap.

Is My Car Repairable?

Repairable Cars Bought - Mandy's Scrap Car BuyersWe wished we had a pound for every time this question was asked. It depends on a number of factors:

  • The age of your car.
  • The popularity of your old vehicle. Unpopular cars that do not sell in good working order are not going to sell well even if repaired and roadworthy.
  • The type of damage sustained and the nature of the repair required to put the car back on the road.
  • The vehicle’s potential for resale at a competitive market price after any repairs have been completed.
  • The car’s service history – has it been looked after with regard to servicing? Has it a full or partial service history or no service history at all?
  • Current resale value of the vehicle as a roadworthy vehicle.
  • Current MOT status and car’s ability to get through an MOT test once it has been repaired.

If Your Vehicle Is Repairable We Can Help

We buy repairable cars so give us a call on 07860-400661 and see what your vehicle is worth TODAY.

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