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Do you own a scrap car in Preston? Need to sell it today?

Mandy buys scrappers. She buys all types of cars and vans – up to £500 paid in Preston. At Mandy’s we always try to get to you on the same day you call to pick it up – and don’t forget, we pay you cash. So, DO YOU have a scrap vehicle to sell in Preston? Then give us a call right away on 07860-400-661.

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Interested? Like to know more about what we do, then read on. Or, you can give us a call right now on 07860-400-661.

How We Purchase Faulty Vehicles In Preston

  • We agree a convenient time with you to look at the condition of your vehicle.
  • We agree a cash price.
  • When we have paid you your cash then we’ll load the car onto our transporter.
  • We will help you with the completion of your V5C document – under English law this is a requirement.

What Sort Of Cars Will You Buy?

We will consider purchasing any car or van that can be used to repair another vehicle – or be put right itself.

  • Cars with MOT issues.
  • Repairable vehicles.
  • Cars and vans with issues with the engine.
  • Vehicles with gearbox issues.
  • Cars with bodywork damage.
  • Non-starters.
  • Vehicles with major electrical issues.
  • Developing issues that may need repair work to be performed.

Still Not Sure? Then Tell Us About Your Vehicle
CALL US RIGHT NOW on 07860-400-661

Our Price Promise

When we buy an end of life vehicle we make you a promise that we definitely pay more than scrap prices for vehicles that can be used in a repair.

The price we pay when we purchase a vehicle is based upon the model and general condition.

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Whatever The Reason – Has Your Old Motor Got To The End Of The Road? Does It Need Costly Repair Work?

DON’T DELAY – Phone Mandy on 07860-400-661 TODAY!

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