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Have a scrap car in Grimsargh? Need to sell it right now?

Mandy is a buyer of end of life vehicles. She purchases all makes of cars and vans – up to £500 paid in Grimsargh. At Mandy’s we always endeavour to come out to you on the same day you call to pick up your vehicle – and don’t forget, we pay you cash. So, DO YOU have a broken down vehicle to sell in Grimsargh? Then give us a call NOW on 07860-400-661.

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Want to know more about what we can do for you, then see below. Or, you can give us a call right now on 07860-400-661.

We Buy Faulty Vehicles Near Grimsargh

  • We arrange a convenient time with you to look at the state of your old car.
  • We then agree a price with you – that we will be glad to pay in cash.
  • When we have given you the price we agreed then we will load the car onto our transporter.
  • We will help you with the completion of your V5C document – the DVLA stipulates that you must do this.

What Types Of Cars Do You Buy?

We will buy any van or car that can be put right itself.

  • MOT fails.
  • Repairable or scrap cars.
  • Cars and vans with engine problems.
  • Vehicles with gearbox issues.
  • Accident damaged cars.
  • Cars that won’t start.
  • Vehicles with issues with the electrical systems.
  • Developing issues that require repair work to be completed.

Like To Know More? Then Tell Us About Your Old Vehicle
CALL US NOW on 07860-400-661

Our Price Promise

When you sell us an end of life vehicle we promise you that we’ll always pay more than scrap prices for vehicles that can be repaired.

The price we pay when we buy your vehicle is based upon the model and general condition.

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We Don’t Care What The Reason Is – Has Your Old Vehicle Arrived at The End Of The Journey? Does It Need A Repair Or Two?

DON’T DELAY – Phone 07860-400-661 TODAY!

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