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Scrap Cars Bought Today In Preston, Chorley, Leyland, Blackpool, Blackburn and Morecambe & Lancaster. We pay From £120 to £1500 For The Right Vehicles!

Instant Cash Payment Today. We Can Collect Within The Hour. ALL DVLA Paperwork Completed For You.

We Purchase Vehicles With Electrical or Mechanical Problems

Does Your Car Have An Electrical or Mechanical Problem

With A Major Electrical Or Mechanical Fault – Where Your Car Just Won’t Start – You Know There Is A Big Price Tag To Be Paid. It Starts With Getting Your Car Towed And Usually Ends With A Very Large Invoice For Any Work. It’s At This Point You Generally Cut Your Losses And Decide To Scrap Your Car – But Don’t Despair. We can help you get more cash TODAY!

We Pay Cash For Repairable Cars & Vans

Got A Repairable Car For Sale

Repairable Vehicles Sought And Bought. We Buy Any Type Of Vehicle: Unwanted, Breakdowns, MOT Failures And Cars With Electrical Problems. Most Invoices For Repairs Consist Of Labour Charges And These Push Up The Cost Of The Repair. However, Not All Cars Are Economical To Repair Unless Labour Costs Aren’t An Issue.

We Buy MOT Failures

Is Your Car An MOT Failure

You know what there is to to when your road tax has expired and there’s no MOT – particularly if it is an older car.

You either have to SORN it or get it taxed and that usually means a repair for the MOT.

The problem is when it fails it’s MOT and needs an urgent repair to get it through it’s MOT and make it roadworthy again. However, some vehicles become uneconomical to repair from the customers perspective.

Have You Got A CAR That Has failed It’s MOT To Sell? You Can SELL It Right Here.

We Consider Almost Any Scrap Car And Offer Up To £500 For The Right Vehicle. Here YOU Will Find A Much Better Offer Than Breakers Or Scrap Yard Prices.

Our Prices Take Into Account A Vehicles Potential After Repair. You get more for your vehicle this way.

Our Vehicle Buying Services Explained

Your Car May Not Be Scrap! Many Of Our Customers Call Us Wanting to Scrap Their Car. They Are Pleasantly Surprised When We Offer More Than scrap Value!

If Your Vehicle Is Repairable, And Most Are, Then We Would Like To Speak To You.

ALL Your Legal Requirements are Taken Care of.

How To Sell Your Scrap Car Today

We Buy and Collect Scrap Vehicles in:

If YOU Have a Scrapper GIVE US A CALL TODAY and Let’s Have a Chat About Your CASH Offer. Your Car may be repairable and worth much more than scrap. Call Mandy on 01524-793-139 or James on 07860-400-661 to find out.


Have a car to sell? Did you know that your car is still your responsibility even when you sell it? Unless you have it disposed of it properly and ensured that all DVLA documentation has been completed and returned to them it could come back to bite you. We follow ALL current legislation to give you peace of mind.

Should I Scrap My Car?

Not Until You’ve Checked US Out!

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So, if you need to sell an old car or van, within 50 miles of Preston, give us a call .

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